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How to install inflatable water pools?Source:     By:wl-inflatable    Posted:07-06-2024    Views:

Inflatable water pools are a less expensive alternative than permanently installed in-ground or above-ground pools. Yet they still allow you to enjoy cool, refreshing swims in the summer. One of the first and most important steps to setting up an inflatable water pool is leveling the ground. If the ground is not level, the pool water will tilt and can cause one of the side walls to collapse. Pools that aren't level are also more susceptible to wind damage in storms.

1 Examine the area where you are installing the inflatable water pool and pick up any rocks, sticks or other debris that may puncture the pool floor if left in place.
2 Mark out the perimeter of the pool floor in the area so you know how far out to level the ground. Unfold the pool in the area and spray a circle around the perimeter using spray chalk. You can also use a garden hose wrapped around the pool to designate the ground area. Fold the pool back up and move it out of the way.
3 Lay a level at one end of the ground inside the perimeter of the circle. Move the level over the length of the ground in a single line making sure the air bubble is centered in the top. When you reach an area that is not level, circle the high portion of the spot with the spray chalk. Continue checking the ground for levelness until you have completed the entire area and all high spots are circled with chalk.
4 Walk to one of the raised areas and use a shovel dig out the top of the soil until it reaches the same level as the remaining ground. Check the area with the level after each shovel full so that you do not dig too deeply. Dig out each of the remaining raised and marked areas until the entire ground surface is level and ready for pool installation.
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