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How to repair rescue tents?Source:     By:wl-inflatable    Posted:04-01-2022    Views:

The rescue tent is a kind of tent. The air bag of the tent is made of high-strength polymer composite airtight cloth by using high-frequency special mold. It is mainly used for the emergency rescue of flood and earthquake in the army, civil affairs, Red Cross and health. When the rescue tent is damaged, how to repair it?

First, we should find out the air leakage point, that is, the scratched place of air bag of the inflatable tent.
Second, we should cut the same material surface and air leakage surface as the inflatable tent airbag, clean them, and polish them in special cases.
Third, we should pay attention to the glue environment and keep the operation environment clean before bonding the air filled tent break.
Fourthly, the glue application for the inflatable tent must be uniform, and there shall be no leakage or accumulation of glue.
Fifthly, the drying time must be strictly controlled in the glue brushing for inflatable tents. The second time can be brushed after the first time is dry, and the bonding operation can only be carried out after the second time is dry.
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