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Inflatable water obstacle is popular in summerSource:     By:wl-inflatable    Posted:05-08-2024    Views:

People are born hydrophilic, and to frolic in the water is a common approach to escaping summer heat. With the development of society, only swimming in the pool can not meet universal pursuit for excitement and adventure in hot summer. Zhengzhou Wolong R & D department staff have been keen to see the great business opportunity when the water park became popular in the beginning.

So the enterprise is decisive to combine advantages of Wolong itself, after several tests and rectification, and finally launches grandly the new-style summer inflatable water obstacle course about which make people crazy. The program of inflatable water obstacle course truly embodies the spirit of involving the citizens, which is a civilian program in the true sense.

Now midsummer is back, the hot weather has swept much of the region, and the temperature has subsequently increased. Thus the heat of life rises, and people can not stand the high temperature, which basically gets him into a sleepy state in the summer afternoon to make people's working efficiency greatly reduced compared to the previous. This time, inflatable water obstacle course, the hottest summer paradise, which sets entertaining and motility as one comes out strong.

Zhengzhou Wolong's inflatable water obstacle course project's full length is 55m, width is 10m, and the highest point is 8m. The project consist of 8 hurdles, which can be arbitrarily combined into different combinations and has a variety of gameplays. Thus people can't help carrying on the recreation. So boring friends, stop staying in your room and sleep in holidays afternoon, go outside and enjoy the passionate summer.
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