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Safety tips for inflatable swimming poolsSource:     By:wl-inflatable    Posted:03-25-2024    Views:

Inflatable pools are inexpensive and easy to assemble, so people often don't see them as dangerous. The key to safety around inflatable pools is to provide multiple layers of protection. Supervision Never leave a child unsupervised in or around a pool. Drowning happen quietly and within moments. A good rule of thumb is to ensure that your child is always within reach and in your line of sight. 

Having an adult in the pool with children is a sure-fire way to prevent tragedy. Keep in mind that knowing how to swim or wearing a life jacket does not make a child drown-proof. Nothing replaces supervision. Barriers Inflatable pools have flexible sides that a child could climb over and into the pool. All backyard pools should be fully fenced with a self-closing, self-latching gate. Fencing should be unclimbable, at least 4 feet high and separate the pool from the home. Researchers say that proper fencing could prevent three-quarters of all child drowning in pools. When the pool is not in use, a safety cover should be used and ladders, as well as any toys and floats, should be removed. Children should never be allowed to climb on the pool cover since it could collapse. 
Water Safety Never depend on water wings or other flotation devices to keep your child safe. If a child cannot swim, have them wear a life jacket or personal flotation device. This applies to all weak or non-swimmers. Training Pool owners should learn CPR. Better yet, ensure that everyone in your family knows how to swim. Take a survival swimming course from an accredited provider. General Maintenance Follow instructions to properly install and use your inflatable pool. Inspect your pool on a regular basis to make sure that all components are working properly. Of particular concern with inflatable pools is the possibility of entrapment caused by the suction from drains. 
Pay attention to filter intakes. Ensure filters are covered with screens to prevent hair, skin or bathing suits from getting caught. Never operate or use your pool if the filter intakes are cracked or filters are missing. Advisory Inform yourself about local bylaws before installing your pool. Inflatable pools are covered by the same bylaws as in-ground and above-ground pools in many municipalities. Make sure that the pump and filters of your pool (if applicable) are protected by a ground-fault circuit interrupter to prevent electrocution.
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