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How to dry inflatable water slide in winter?Source:     By:wl-inflatable    Posted:11-08-2023    Views:

Inflatable water slides are enjoyed during the hot summer months, keeping youngsters and adults entertained and cool. In order to prevent unwanted mold or mildew from developing on the slide, when it's time to put it away for the season, it needs to be properly dried and placed into storage. Accomplish this over the course of a couple days of sunny weather.

1 Consult the weather forecast and look for a full day or forecasted sunny weather. Put the slide up and over the clothesline, keeping it off the ground. Wipe the sun-exposed side down with white vinegar and water. This removes grime or mildew and assists the drying process.
2 Turn the slide over to expose the opposite side once the sun-exposed side is completely dry. Again, keep it off the ground. Wipe the exposed side down with the white vinegar and water.
3 Insert the nozzle of the compressed air canister into the nozzle of the slide. Empty the compressed air into the slide and then let the air out. This helps dry the inside as well as the out. Afterwards, fold the slide up, leaving the nozzle open. Place the dry slide into a plastic storage bin and cover. Store it in a cool, dry place for the winter.
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