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How to maintain Christmas inflatable products?Source:     By:wl-inflatable    Posted:11-04-2023    Views:

Inflatable products are an easy way to make a big statement in your holiday decorations. These decorations can be easily set up on your lawn, roof or inside your home and then deflated and stored away for use next Christmas. However, if your Christmas inflatables become damaged and you are considering discarding it altogether, try some simple ways to repair the problem and save money.

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1 Check for the source of your problem. If your Christmas inflatables are having difficulty staying filled, it is most likely there is a hole or tear in the piece. If it is a slow leak, this hole can be as small as a pin prick and difficult to spot. If your piece refuses to inflate at all, the tear can be more severe. If you cannot see the hole causing the air leak, run a piece of tissue paper over the the decoration. If a hissing sound is released from underneath the tissue paper, a hole is present.
2 Patch any visible holes with several layers of heavy duct tape. If possible, do this discretely to prevent compromising the aesthetic of the decoration. Smooth the duct tape with your hand to help seal the tape to the hole and prevent the air leak. Cover any sources of the leak with a patch designed to repair vinyl. Different patch kits will feature different instructions that should be followed closely. Most commonly, the patch will need to be glued in place and set with a hair dryer to help the sealant to set in place.
3 Check to see if the inflating component of the decoration is malfunctioning. Often these decorations are inflated with electric fans and motors. It is possible that the power source of the component is inadequate, so check the outlet and your circuit breaker to be sure power is being sent to the decoration.
4 Evaluate whether the plug of the inflatable is damaged. Check for frayed wires or any similar damage. If the plug is damaged, you should avoid plugging in the inflatable and throw it away. There is a fire risk associated with using a damaged plug.
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