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Development Plan

In the past two years, my company get province cultural department in charge of guidance and help, in the development of cultural industry has been further improved. Our company combined with the traditional culture and modern culture, in 2011 launched the "mobile culture park" project. This project is to strengthen the combination of entertainment and culture, entertainment and sports, advocate people a healthy lifestyle. In size, shape, depth, different mobile scaffold pool, inflatable pool or creativity combined large inflatable amusement facilities as framework, according to the size of the site, shape and activity theme, combined with the different cultural elements, make full use of the inflatable amusement product image to describe precisely and to realize the characteristics of perfect function, safety and performance have certain culture connotation, adults and children are comfortable and participate in the maritime mobile culture park and land mobile culture park.

The project got the approval of the competent department of the provinces and cities culture, through nearly nine months running smoothly, got good economic benefit and social benefit projects, specific data is as follows: project operating income of 6.545 million yuan, operating costs and expenses of 5.1448 million yuan, profit of 1.4002 million yuan, should hand in taxes 423500, directly at the same time every year my company to provide 150 jobs for the society.

By taking part in international exhibition, explore potential customers, increase the cultural products exports. At the same time, learning international advanced culture product design, technological innovation, marketing management knowledge, for the enterprise culture of product design, manufacturing and sales into the international advanced technology and management.

To speed up the cultural products exports set up after-sales service department, and strengthening management, clear responsibility, improve the quality of after-sales service, reduce customer complaints, customer put forward all kinds of problems. Through training and assessment, and constantly strengthen the staff's service consciousness, improve customer satisfaction.

To expand production, product diversification, and constantly improve the cultural products type, speed up the development of cultural services, to meet customer demand in many aspects. In early 2010, the second phase construction completed, and already put into use; And constantly develop new products and services, and constantly improve the cultural creativity and services exports; Select new device at the same time, improve work efficiency, improve the working environment and the quality of the product.

Sets up the brand awareness, promote traditional Chinese culture, a breakthrough in enterprise development. My company plans to use the next three years, strengthening enterprise brand advantage, to speed up the international market development, the company gradually toward the international brand; Strengthen the development of diversified, enhance the anti-risk ability of enterprises; Strengthen management, to achieve export sales of cultural products and services in more than 15% growth in 2012, profits growth of 10%; And rose more than 5% over the next three years.

In the national policy guidance and the support of the competent department, and through perfecting company's management and employees of high enthusiasm, the development of the company will achieve higher goals.

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