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Safety tips for inflatable slideSource:     By:wl-inflatable    Posted:01-24-2022    Views:

In cold days, children would like to stay at home and play in there own backyard. One of their favorite games is playing inflatable slides. Parents can meet their kids’ demand of playing inflatable slides with their friends. However, here are safety tips which children should pay attention to when playing inflatable slide:

1、When a child plays slide, he should climb step by step, and climb up with hand rail; he should not backwards up to prevent accident. Tell children must feet toward the decline, and the upper part of the body keeps erect. Children upside down or belly dropped down the slide must not be allowed.
2、In the process of decline, children should play one by one. After the first child has finished, the second child can begin to slide. Don't let the children slide down all together, in order to avoid crowded injury.
3、Tell children that before they plays slide, make sure that there is no people who are sitting or playing in the bottom of the slider. When they finish the game, they should stand up and leave the slider at the first time.
4、Some slider that ladders are used for climbing is just a thin steel pipe, it is easily hurt for stepping on air and from a ladder gaps among fell down to children. So, when the young children are playing, parents need to hold they climb up. When the children are playing , parents should not dress them clothing, and take off the latchkey rope, mobile phone rope and so on. For the girls, their long hair should be tied up.
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