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How to repair inflatable bouncer?Source:     By:wl-inflatable    Posted:01-19-2022    Views:

Inflatable castles are popular additions to any child's party. Inflatable castles come in all different colors and kinds. And they are made of a large rubber or cross-weaved tarpaulin material pumped full of air, enabling people to jump excessively high. The pressure and friction against sharp or rough surfaces, can lead to punctures, but you can easily repair damage yourself with the right materials and instruction.

1. Patch Kits. For big holes or tears, use a patch kit made of the same tough, puncture-resistant material as the bounce house. Adhesive securely bonds the patch to all types of materials. Use a patch much larger than the hole itself so less stress is put on the patch.
2. Sewing. One of the best ways to repair a hole in a bounce house is by simply sewing it together. The key is to use strong thread or a high-test fishing line. Sew the hole tight with cross-stitching. It is advisable to spread a solid adhesive over the cross-stitching after it has been sewn together. If the hole is more than 3 inches a patch should be sewn over it and then glued in place once the stitching is done.
3. Tape. Strong tape layered correctly can temporarily fix a hole in a bounce house. This should work for a few hours during a party but should be monitored. Place a piece of plastic over the hole before applying the tape around it. This way, the plastic will take the brunt of the air pressure rather than the tape itself. Gaffer or a similar type of tape is best, layered in cross strips to make it even stronger around the piece of plastic.
4. Safety Rules.Several standard rules apply when using inflatable bouncer. Shoes should not be worn inside. Bare feet are acceptable. Socks are also acceptable, but jumpers should be aware that surfaces can be slippery. Each bouncy castle has a different weight capacity based on its size. Small structures can typically hold four to eight children, and large structures can easily hold 15. In the event that a structure is compromised--a hole is found or the structure starts to deflate--jumpers should leave the castle immediately.
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