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several advantages of inflatable rock climbingSource:     By:wl-inflatable    Posted:01-12-2019    Views:

Primary and secondary schools in most countries in Europe and America have brought inflatable rock climbing into physical education curriculum. Meantime, more and more elementary and secondary schools and even kindergartens have realized the advantages of kids inflatable rock climbing and started to purchase inflatable rock climbing equipment and run inflatable rock climbing courses. Why should people take this inflatable sport so seriously? The reason is that inflatable rock climbing has six advantages to children.

1. Inflatable rock climbing can strengthen children’s self-confidence. Faced with the rock wall which is far higher than children’s heights, the kids climbs firmly and don’t dare the challenges and difficulties in rock climbing course, which makes children become more cool-headed and self-confident.
2. Inflatable rock climbing can improve kids’ fitness. In the process of inflatable rock climbing, kids should be strong enough to support their weight and fight against gravity, and girls can stand up against boys in this inflatable sport.
3. Inflatable rock climbing can improve children’s concentration. When stepping on the firm rock and looking out every detail of their movement during the course, kids must give their whole minds to their climbing, which is helpful to children’s learning achievements in the future.
4. Inflatable rock climbing can increase kids’ enterprise. During the climbing course, children should make a choice between giving in and persisting in the climbing. To keep the whole climbing course, it needs not only a kid courage, but his willpower, sense of honor and determination of self-transcendence.
5. Inflatable rock climbing can raise flexibility and sense of harmony of body. For children climbing wall, flexibility and sense of harmony of body are the key ability, which is more important than physical strength. Besides, inflatable rock climbing is used in treatment of children’s muscle and coordination of hands, eyes and body in medical field abroad.
6. Inflatable rock climbing can enhance sense of balance. This inflatable sport is called spiderman walking on the rock, which needs kids’ good sense of balance. With this sport training, kids can develop themselves physically and mentally.
Therefore, children should encouraged to take this inflatable sport, which will help them grow up healthily and happily.
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