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Owning a business that sells or rents inflatable bouncers is a lucrative way to make money. These have become popular throughout the years. Many people will rent or purchase them to use at birthday parties and carnivals. It is a great way to entertain children for hours at a time.

It is important to keep your investments intact and to keep from having to replace or buy a new one anytime one of yours have become punctured. Each one are made with durable material - but rocks, sticks, and other debris can puncture through it and cause either a slow or major leak. Learn how you can repair it so you don't have to spend hundreds in replacing it.
Inflate the bouncer so that you can determine where the leak is coming from. It is best to do this in sections if the bouncer will allow you to. There is a lot of ground to cover. Try to do this before you go rent it out to make sure that all parts of the tent are in good shape. That way if you find a leak you can fix it before you send it off to be used.
When it is fully inflated look and listen for the source of the puncture. If the leak is slow you might not be able to find it easily this way. The next best thing would be for you to place water inside of the tent. Pour in tap water and some soap. You will know immediately where the leak is.Use a felt tip to mark the leak. Take out the puncture repair kit and apply solvent to the plastic patch. Apply the patch to the edge of the tent so that the hole is sealed completely. Apply more adhesive to the outside of the patch and allow it to dry.
When the patch is dried pour more soapy water inside of the tent. If there are any more bubbles being released than you did not seal it properly or you have found another leak. Try to keep it inflated overnight to make sure that it is sealed properly.
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