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how to store holiday inflatable toys?Source:     By:wl-inflatable    Posted:11-26-2018    Views:

Holiday inflatables are becoming a popular way to decorate for the holidays. The lawn ornaments come in a variety of styles for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Ojects such as pumpkins, snowmen and Christmas trees are commonly seen as inflatable lawn pieces. Since the holidays aren't year round, these decorations need storage for many months. Sometimes storage can damage the pieces. Bringing the items out of storage into the cold air may also create a problem.


Holes and Tears. Check your inflatable for holes or tears. Even the slightest hole will release air and disallow inflation. Storing the inflatable for a long amount of time might create weak spots from being creased while folded.
Broken Nozzle. Inspect the inflation nozzle. While in storage for a long time, this device could seize shut and not allow air to pass through the hole. It could also have been damaged under heavy or falling objects while in storage.
Too Cold. Check the temperature of the air you're adding to the inflatable. This is especially important during winter months. The inflatable will not stay inflated in temperatures under 32 degrees.
Bad Wiring. Examine the wiring of the air compressor that comes with the inflatable. After a long time in storage, the wiring could become brittle. Also, mice or other vermin could have chewed the wiring. This prevents the device from working correctly.
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