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Inflatable toy is the child's closest partners such as inflatable castle with slide. The inflatable castle with slide has many advantages. It is a toy of great ideal of innovation and inspired thinking for young children. The charm of Toy is that it attracts people to participate in their defense and get exercise. It is like that a child is slowly taught the experience of enlightenment. 


However, the child of under the age is different, as if children play inflatable castle with slide without any safety precaution, it too dangerous. So when children play with toys, some details should be noted. Inflatable castle with slide can be used indoors or outdoors. Please take off your shoes into the facility, do not bring sharp objects; you can wash equipment using week's brush with a soft neutral detergent.
1. In the inflatable castle with slide, do not bring sharp objects, to avoid the body being caught in the course of the game, check whether toys have sharp edges or outside fragments, especially those old toys, so as to have a long service life.
2. When people use the inflatable castle with slide, parents should remind children not to stay outside of stadium to avoid the injuries, the only protective equipment fence is prohibited climbing, on a regular basis to facilities in parts check to see if there is a screw loose any security risks, such as if there are insurmountable problems, install the unit effectively. If the roof of inflatable castle fall accident well, parents can use the box to open short cabinet incorporating toys.
3. Small inflatable castle is only for children aged 3 to 12, and parents should ensure that the inflatable toy’s materials should be safe and will not let your baby bite.
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