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inflatable tent has many functionsSource:     By:wl-inflatable    Posted:10-30-2018    Views:

 Are you worried about the imported tent with cheap quality? Are you worried about the design of the imported tent? Are you worried about the setting of the tent?

dome tent.jpg
Zhengzhou Wolong will help you to solve these problems. We are a professional designing, manufacturing and selling simultaneously. We are from the designing to selling, the progress we control the quality, can communicate well with you. Our inflatable building is very easy to be installed which can stand for a long time, very durable. Take down to move around, it is much cheap than solid building. This inflatable party tent is made by double stitching everywhere and four fold stitching at the stress points. It is double layer supported by continuous air pressure from air blowers. At the bottom, there are fastening rings to help you peg the inflatable tent onto the ground. Also our inflatable dome tent can be very beautiful; you can install lights inside to make it be a lighting tent.
Inflatable tent also have lots of functions, for large-scale exhibitions, party, wedding, fairs, outdoor temporary or long-term exhibitions, road shows, company celebrations, sports and leisure hall, storage warehouse, and other outdoor large activities, do not need to build or rent another field, saving funds and very flexible and convenient. After the activities, it is also very simple and easy to collect the tent into a very small part, do not take large land resources, very environmentally protection.
For all of our inflatable tents are very safe, even the power fail interrupt or by accident, it will fall down very slowly, so people inside have enough time to get out, and also you can repair it during this time.
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