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Bouncy castles are a popular toy seen at carnivals and other public festivities and also available for private home parties. It's important to operate bouncy castles carefully, as improper use can result in serious injuries. Ask bouncy castle sellers questions and always read any instructions thoroughly to ensure that you are operating this toy safely.


Bounce structures are made of thick vinyl material and typically have a machine that constantly blows air into them. Structures come in several varieties, replicating popular cartoon characters and offering different activities. Standard structures fit several children inside an area where they can bounce, but many structures also include slides and water slides, climbing walls and other activities. 
Several standard rules apply when using bouncy castles. Shoes should not be worn inside. Bare feet are acceptable. Socks are also acceptable (and may sometimes be required), but jumpers should be aware that surfaces can be slippery. Each bouncy castle has a different weight capacity based on its size. Small structures can typically hold four to eight children, and large structures can easily hold 15. In the event that a structure is compromised--a hole is found or the structure starts to deflate--jumpers should leave the castle immediately.
Bouncy castles are available at varied locations. They are common at carnivals and children may often jump in them for free at local festivals or events. Most cities have rental companies that will deliver structures to local parks or to your own yard. 
Before you buy a bouncy castle, make sure you're dealing with a reputable company. Do not choose a company that allows you to pick up and set up your bouncy castle alone. This option may seem like it will save money, but only a company technician will be able to ensure that the equipment is set up safely. Wolong has been making safe toys for kids all over the world since 1995. Each Wolong product is designed with your child's safety in mind. With their main focus on safety, Wolong manufactures the strongest bouncers in the industry, and creates the most exciting designs available. So, the mission of Wolong inflatables is simple: provide safe, fun, affordable inflatables, and make kids dreams come true.
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