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inflatable toys are more fashionableSource:     By:wl-inflatable    Posted:10-07-2018    Views:

What attract kids a lot are the difference kinds of entertainment facilities. They like them very much because all of the entertainment facilities are fancy, and exciting which can make them indulge in pleasure without stop. As an enterprise has rich producing experience, we have produced a new production,inflatable funland and slide, which is fancier than other normal inflatable toys.


Its volume is large, so that it can allow many kids play on it in the same time. Both its sides are stairs and there are two inflatable enclosures in front of it. Obviously, kids can easily climb up on it and go to the inflatable slide. In the middle of them, you can find that the slide has double tracks. A special characteristic is that its bottom is level, that is, it plays a role of buffer and kids play on it will hardly be damaged. You can see some pillars surround the stairs. They are not only to be decoration but also to be the obstacles for kids to play on it. Kids can have a match that find out who can pass the game faster.
Playing on the inflatable facilities, kids have more opportunities to become smarter than the other never play on it because they can fully use their body which is beneficial to their brain’s development. Furthermore, their body will become stronger and stronger too. All in all, inflatable facilities have great beneficial to kids’ grow up.
You can select a suitable one that the large one place in the amusement park to absorb more kids to play on it or you can have a small one and then place in your yard. You can choose its color too. If you want to have one special, you can send us your requirement or your drawing and then we will produce it.
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