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Inflatable castles are enjoyed by children around the world at family celebrations and community events.  Often seen at birthday parties, amusement parks, and other celebratory functions for kids, these devices go by many names, include jumping castle, moon bounce, bouncy castle and space walk. There are several important aspects to consider when renting or purchasing jumping-castle equipment.


However, you should keep all sharp objects away from the inflatable castle. Use a safety switch on the power source such as a residual current device, or RCD. Do not allow children of extremely different sizes or ages to jump together in the castle to prevent collisions. 
Meantime, never use inflatable castles in inclement or windy weather. Properly anchor and secure the castle with the safety mats in the front and at all exits. Always check for any damage prior to play, and do not inflate or deflate the castle while children are inside.
1. Select a flat, open space for your inflatable castle that will allow the walls at least 5 feet of empty space on all sides. If you plan on inflating the castle outside, check the ground for sharp rocks or sticks. If the ground is dirty or oily, you may wish to set down a groundsheet or tarp.
2. Unroll the castle as much as possible in a centered position. Ensure that the front of the inflatable is facing the correct direction. Plug the blower into a wall outlet. It is advisable to tape down the cord to prevent any children from tripping. If possible, locate an outlet at the rear of the castle so that you can avoid any mishaps.
3. Slide the inlet tube over the blower exit valve and secure in place with the elastic strap. Turn on the blower. Do not let any eager jumpers near the castle until it is fully inflated. If the castle is outside, use the anchoring stakes and straps to secure the inflatable device to the ground.
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